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Wilkerson + Company
Eric D. Wilkerson
WICO’s Founder/Principal

Since 2014, Founder & Principal, Eric Wilkerson, has served non-profits throughout Chicago, achieving over $15M in fundraising for social justice, policy & advocacy, animal welfare, and social service organizations. In addition to fundraising, Wilkerson has led efforts in strategic planning, organizational management, external relations, strategic partnerships, and communications.


As an Arkansas native who comes from an entrepreneurial background, Eric often reflects on his family and history. His Grandfather opened the doors to a small business in a small Arkansas town in 1977 and in the early 2000’s, and his Dad took over and grew the business. The success of his family’s endeavors has always inspired him and, in fact, he launched a real estate career when he was just 19 years old during his second year of college. During his time in real estate, he was invited to serve on the executive board of Habitat for Humanity of Central Arkansas and this experience is what drove him to changing careers and pursuing work in the nonprofit sector.


Now, Wilkerson fuses 17+ years of leadership, across two industries, to guide Wilkerson + Company (WICO), a nonprofit consulting firm that advances an organization’s mission by strengthening its strategic fundraising initiatives. 


“We are living in an unprecedented time paralleled by both unique and new challenges where there’s a very real opportunity for transformational change and impact. I realize the needs of our nonprofit community and I have built a business to address those needs.”


If you are on this website, you care deeply about making the world a stronger place. A place where we can not all just coexist, but a place where we can all thrive. WICO, at its core, envisions a world where we are all thriving.


Eric Wilkerson

WICO’s Founder/Principal

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